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Positive Perception Phenomenon SM
Idea to Impact offerings can be broadly summarized as follows:
Perception for Perspective SM
  Measuring perceptions of various audience segments (employees, customers, prospects, investors, channel network etc.) and creating a Perception Blueprint SM with a customized Perception Program SM.
Perception by Persuasion SM
  Developing the messages, content and creating the collateral for all internal and external communication for different communication media and modes.
Perception thru Perfection SM
  Optimizing the processes, customer touch-points, identifying and plugging any loopholes, striving for incremental improvisation to better the customer experiences.
Perception from Personalization SM
  Mapping the customer expectations and establishing a captive customer base by attracting the relevant audiences and retaining the qualified ones.
Perception via Participation SM
  Empowering internal and extended teams by enhancing their perceptions about themselves and their professional engagement and enabling them to achieve organizational objectives.
Idea to ImpactSM
Perception Management
Rule # 30
Knowing ones strengths is intelligence but knowing ones weaknesses is enlightenment
Big Impact
  A workshop on how managing perceptions can help extract maximum mileage from a launch / event & sustain it.
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